Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gila Box- Bonita Creek

Last Saturday we took an afternoon trip to the Gila River.

The water was only about a foot deep in most places, but the kids loved it.

After they swam, we had a picnic with sandwiches, chips and frog-eye salad.

They've been begging to go back ever since.

Especially James who said "Thank you, mom, for my surprise of taking me to the lake."

Suzee would rather have been in the pool where the water is warmer.

I am on strict bed rest now, so next time we go, it will be with 2 more little boys.

Friday, June 17, 2011

12th Anniversary

Saturday, June 4th was our 12th anniversary. Jay didn't get home until 10, so we didn't go to dinner, but he came by the house for lunch and brought me beautiful flowers and some black jelly bellies.

That same day marked 24 weeks of pregnancy. Every day that passes, I feel a little less anxious about delivering early. Only problem is, I am now 26 weeks along, which means I am 1 week away from the time I went into labor and was hospitalized with Abbey and Emma. I think once I get past that point, I will not worry as much. Maybe not.


The garbage man had a little accident. I'm not sure how he hit the neighbor's mailbox, then our garbage can without hitting the telephone pole in between.And he didn't stop to tell us something had happened. I was wondering if it had just been someone driving down the road. After a few hours, I called the city utilities department, and they told me that one of their drivers had had an accident.

Wednesday they came and gave me a shiny new garbage can, but they haven't fixed the mailbox yet.