Monday, August 31, 2009

Hackberry Ranch 08/29/09

We climbed water tanks,
tried on Uncle Sean's hat,
checked for water,
squinted in the sun,
drank grape koolaid from a thermos,
peed behind the trees,
took lots of pictures in the car to entertain ourselves,

climbed windmills,
posed for pictures,
threw dirt at a rattlesnake just to irritate it,
and fell asleep before we made it up the stairs.
Stay tuned for "Lilly's Banana"

Friday, August 28, 2009


I've been working like crazy to get some projects finished up. It's tough. Enough said. Anyway, yesterday I assembled a bed in one of the offices to make a guest bedroom, and cleaned out the shower and hung a shower curtain. Things are looking awesome.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shark Teeth

Jay Jr. couldn't figure out why his teeth were hurting so much, and didn't even know these were in there until I showed him.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sorry- these pictures are in complete reverse order. Suzee and me on the plane home from Boston- 08/22/09. We sat on the runway waiting to take off for over an hour due to bad weather. By the time we landed in Phoenix, Suzee was DONE! We did everything imaginable to keep her entertained. The goodies from the trade show we went to helped out, including a sausage snack and a flashing light.
On State Street- 08/21/09
Quincy Market- 08/21/09
A "Cheers" cafe- 08/21/09
Qunicy Market- 08/21/09
Suzee after a bath- 08/21/09
Suzee with sausage at the hotel- 08/21/09
Creme Brulee- 08/20/09
Me at the Orgill show- 08/20/09. Jay refused to take any pictures, so I took some of myself (for my posterity, you know). I've been reading Grandma Lunt's journal, and enjoy having pictures to look at, along with her entries.
Jay and Suzee at a Deli for breakfast/lunch- 08/20/09. It was in an upscale office building, but the closest thing to our hotel.
I loved Boston. And Sarah- I even mapquested how far it would be to visit you, but I couldn't work out a 7 plus-hour drive one way in the 3 days we were there. So sorry. Maybe you could meet us in Orlando in February??? Anyway, back to Boston. It was beautiful. I could spend lots of time sightseeing there. Lots to do. We walked part of the Freedom Trail:
Freedom Trail
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Freedom Trail next to Faneuil Hall
The Freedom Trail is a red (mostly brick) path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts that leads to 16 significant historic sites. It is a 2.5 mile (4 km) walk from the Boston Common to the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown and is popular with tourists. Part of the Freedom Trail has been included in the longer Boston Harbor Walk. The Freedom Trail is a unit of Boston National Historical Park.
The Freedom Trail was originally conceived in 1958 by local journalist William Schofield who was promoting the idea of linking important local landmarks with a pedestrian trail since 1951. Fifty years later tourists from all over the world visit Boston and walk in the footsteps of history.

[edit] Official trail sites
Boston Common
Massachusetts State House
Park Street Church
Granary Burying Ground
King's Chapel
King's Chapel Burying Ground
Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of the first public school, Boston Latin School
Old Corner Bookstore
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Site of the
Boston Massacre
Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market
Paul Revere House
Old North Church
Copp's Hill Burying Ground
USS Constitution
Bunker Hill Monument Freedom Trail
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It was cool to see some of these sights. We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse that was less than impressive. We got the kids a little souvenir, and did lots of walking- both at the show and in the city. Our time was limited, or else we could have done/seen lots more. During the trip, I spent lots of time feeding Suzee in the restrooms. When we were walking through the show, she got lots of attention. She did well on both flights, for which I was very grateful. Overall, it was great.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emma's ER Trip

Before Jay and I left for Boston, I typed up a letter stating who could authorize medical treatment for our children while we were gone. I gave a copy of the letter, along with copies of insurance cards, hotel reservations, and flight information to both Cami and my mom, hoping they wouldn't have to use them. Unfortunately, Saturday afternoon, Emma's heel met the sharp edge of a door, and they didn't get along. She needed stitches, so Cami took her to the ER. The lady in admitting said that even with the letter of authorization, date of birth, and copy of insurance information, she didn't know if they could do anything because Cami wasn't a relative. Are you kidding me? This was all happening as we were sitting on the plane ready to leave Boston, but waiting for clearance due to the bad weather. Our flight was delayed about an hour, and we had already been asked to turn off cell phones, so Cami couldn't reach us. The hospital, after 45 minutes of dealing with the lady in admitting, recruited a nice gentleman who looked at the paperwork, said that was all they needed, and got Emma into the back to get her taken care of. Cami knew everyone in the back because her twin brother worked in the ER there. They were extra nice to Emma, and gave her lots of numbing medication. She had a lot of bleeding, and can't walk very well, and can't wear tennis shoes (no PE for a few weeks), but is handling her first trauma well. Cami has more pictures that I'll have to get.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Snot Face

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bob's Shelf

After I woke Bob up this morning, he went to his clothes shelf, climbed up and fell asleep there. And, long story short- Janna slammed my camera in the back door and I was very sad, but even though I can't see what I'm taking pictures of, and the front doesn't open all the way, it still takes pictures.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School 2009-2010

B, I mean Jay
This morning was a piece of cake getting everyone up and ready because they were so excited. I don't think the rest of the school year will follow suit.

Back Packs

Is that one word or two? Anyway, I procrastinated big time, and it finally paid off. I didn't get the kids backpacks this year, and was going to take them last night after meet the teacher night. We got to the school and I took Lilly in first to meet her teacher, and sent the 4 older ones with a check to buy school shirts. They came back with the shirts, and FREE BACK PACKS filled with school supplies! Do you know how happy I was? I couldn't believe my luck. I was so excited, and the back packs, along with their contents kept the kids somewhat entertained while I completed all 5 meet-the-teacher meetings. All of the teachers the kids got this year are new to us, except Janna's. She has this year for 3rd grade the teacher Abbey had in 2nd grade. I was impressed with Abbey teacher for this year, who dressed up as a miner complete with a hard hat, light, dirt covererd face, boots- the whole 9 yards. She seems fun.

Friday, August 7, 2009


This child trying to look innocent after doing that.
While I was in the kitchen baking cakes. Yum.

Suzee Ann Again

This girl has some crazy morning hair!


I tried, really hard, to donate blood yesterday. My body quit giving. All I got was this pretty red bandage. I did, however, donate 2 large bags of little girl clothes to the thrift store. I was happy to have them out of my room.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Suzee Ann Update

Suzee chews on her fingers and toes a lot.