Friday, September 17, 2010

Picture Day 2010

It was picture day, and I won't say which ones, but I hope some of the professional pictures don't turn out like the ones I took at home. We were trying to practice smiling, and some weren't in the mood at 7:45 am.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angle Orchard- Labor Day- 09/06/10

We picked lots of peaches and lots of apples. Now I just have to decide what to do with them.

James Turns 3

We swam and grilled to celebrate James' third birthday. James came to the party late because he needed a nap, but he had a good time once he got there. This child is so entertaining. I love his energy and enthusiasm. And he has great facial expressions. I remember his birth, I think, more vividly than the others because just hours after he was born, Alice (Karen and Jared's baby) came along. She would have been 3 today too. I think about her often, and maybe even more now that we lost Jeremiah. Happy Birthday James and Alice!


This is Zeus. He's a big horse. A clydesdale. If you want a bouncy ride, he's your ticket.

Soccer 2010

Well, a few weeks into the season and I'm not sure I'm impressed. Lilly and Janna's teams/coaches seem to be doing okay. Bob's and Abbey and Emma's not so much. One has never played soccer and doesn't know any of the rules, and one is young and too busy texting to pay attention to the game, and constantly yells "SHUT UP!" at the kids. If I have to sign a paper with AYSO saying I will be on my best behavior as a parent, why shouldn't the coaches have to follow the same rules? Practices have been tough with 4 different schedules to keep up with. Thank goodness they put Lilly and Lia on the same team and Cindy has been so helpful getting Lilly to practice. We haven't had games for 2 weeks due to rain and Labor Day, so this Saturday we start again. A long day at the fair grounds it will be. And I'm pretty sure some of the kids will not ask to play soccer again next year.

Mt. Graham 08/14/10

The Saturday after school started, Amy, Cindy and I took the kids up the mountain for a picnic. Some of them whined about bugs the whole time, but it was a nice, relaxing afternoon. Until Brook got a bloody nose that never ended. It finally clotted and stopped bleeding, and as we were ready to leave it started bleeding again. And when we started to leave, my suspicion was confirmed that my van battery was dead. Thank goodness Amy had jumper cables in her car, and we were back on the road. Since then we had to replace the battery, and a fuse because I lost my tail lights/brake lights.