Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Pictures

Picture just got mixed up and I can't fix the order. Birthday lunch with some aunts and grandma at Olive Garden.This is where I found James after he told me he was super hot- in the fridge.Bob's very last minute pinewood derby car that had no time for paint, so it's covered in graphite.

Our St. Patrick's Day treat- Mint Cheesecake. Sounded good, didn't taste so great.

It snowed! Everything was lightly dusted, but fun to see once in a while in a place where it rarely snows.

Suzee painted my floor with gold nail polish.

Joseph (left) and John playing.

Without pacifiers

We added one to our fleet- a semi-truck and transfer to haul rock and dirt.


Pirate Joseph

On his birthday, Jay hung some outside lights on telephone poles to light up the pool/playground/garden area. It's so nice to have lights at night now.

I made Jay a New York Style cheese cake for his birthday. It tasted better than it looks.

My neighbor Reyna was holding John while he ate chocolate crackers.

Easter egg painting- Abbey


Papa taking a picture while Janna took a picture of him.


Jospeh (left) and John

Long story short, James got a drill stuck between his legs. Went through his jeans, into his underwear, and twisted EVERYTHING up. Thank goodness everything untwisted when Jay reversed the drill.

I asked Suzee to put away all the Easter baskets. They were stacked nicely, but this is how she wanted to carry them.

Batman Joseph

James played outside without shoes and ripped his toenail off.

We left a doctor's appointment, and Emma opened the sliding van door without realizing Suzee was behind it. Got Suzee right in the forehead.

Janna rarely has any baking mishaps, but this recipe failed miserably.

Lilly's "Bible Bump" on her wrist.

Lilly's "Baker's Cyst" on the back of her knee. Waiting to check with doc, but pretty sure there's nothing to do about it.

John loving some oatmeal.

An imptomptu preformace- James and Suzee stood on the bench to entertain Joseph and John.

Brook had a brilliant idea to use hand soap to wash the kitchen floor. It took FOREVER to get all the soap off.

See the 2 swirls on the back of John's head. One way to tell them apart.

Enjoying some time outside.

We started celebrating early with hair cuts- Karen and Emma

Birthday girls enjoying some mango lemonade.

Karen fed Joseph lemons, and he liked them.

Birthday desserts.

Gwen wanted to feed Abbey her dessert.

AND, they got their ears pierced. I think they needed a little more time to process it. They knew they were getting it done, but had planned to do it in June. They both got stomach aches, and Emma threw up in the store's garbage can. They look very cute, and of course they chose the same earrings- the April birthstone.