Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 4 So Far

-Jay got me out of bed by telling me it was 9:30 and we only had an hour to get ready and get to the airport.
-I got ready fast, finished packing, didn't fix my hair (complete frizz ball with all this humidity) and we checked out.
-Took a cab to the convention center, and Jay checks in to go back into the trade show. I was confused because I thought we were in a hurry to get to the airport. When I asked him what time it was he said "9:30".
-"How else was I going to get you out of bed?" I AM ON VACATION!
-We stopped at a couple booths, then our rep told us Orlando airport security was at least 1.5 hours.
-We rush to find the shuttle to the airport, and make it by about 2 minutes.
-Sit down on the bus and pull out our flight plan and find out the flight doesn't leave until 2:22. I thought it was 12:22. Oops!
-Better early than late.
-Check in took about 15 minutes, and so did security.
-So now we're here waiting for our flight. Another 2 hours. Paris here we come!

Day 3

-We went to the trade show in the morning and finished up right after lunch, so we decided to venture over to DisneyWorld.
-Not sure if it was Jay's knee, or the fact that we expected something completely different than Disneyland, but it was kind of...lame. Jay says he never wants to go to Disneyland again unless it's raining. The lines are just horrendous.
-The fun part was that we met Sheri (my cousin), Nick and little Leyla there, and went on a few rides with them.
-We were so glad Nick and Sheri were willing to give us a ride back to our hotel so we could avoid another cab fee (outrageous pricing here).
-They came in and had dinner with us at the hotel restaurant, which was so good. My first time eating gnocci (sp?). Jay had a much better steak. I had chicken. Sheri had steak, and Nick had lobster ravioli.
-Leyla was adorable, and we had a nice visit with them.
-Went back to our room to finish packing, and got a box ready to ship home with stuff we didn't want to lug around France.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 2

-We stayed up late the first night, so we slept in the next morning (kind of still on west coast time).
-Attended the trade show all day until 6 pm.
-Got asked if this was my first pregnancy a couple of times.
-Laughed about it even though nobody should even be able to tell I'm pregnant since I'm only 2 months along.
-Laughed again and said it was my 10th. Nobody believed me (I guess that could be a compliment).
- Had dinner with our sales rep and another buyer at a steak restaurant.
-Our rep ordered gator tail as an appetizer and we both tried it. It was hard for me to get down, but only because I knew what it was.
-Jay was very disappointed with his steak. Really fatty and tough. Mine was great.
-I laughed when the menu read "smashed potatoes" rather than "mashed potatoes". We call them smashed potatoes at home too.
-My feet hurt and it's only day 2.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Leg

Notables from the first leg of our trip:

-Drove from Safford to Phoenix.
-Flew from Phoenix to Houston.
-Sat by a stinky guy who liked to chat. I'm not very chatty.
-Got my complimentary drink on the 2 hr 10 min flight, but Continental doesn't even give you peanuts.
-Ran from flight into Houston to catch flight to Orlando.
-Both flights were FULL, and coincidentally, we had assigned seats on the very last row on both flights.
-Got complimentary drink and pretzels on 1 hr 44 min flight into Orlando.
-Arrived in Orlando and paid an outrageous amount for a cab to the hotel since there was no shuttle service.
-Checked in at hotel and they were out of "standard" rooms so we were upgraded to a suite.
-Had fabulous feta cheese pizza, a hot shower, and now headed to bed!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

I should preface this by saying Jay is anti-Valentine's Day, so I was shocked when I asked him around 6 pm if he was going to go on a date with me he said "Sure."

For Valentine's Day, I usually make the traditional heart-shaped meatloaf. I didn't want that this year beacuse I made meatloaf a week ago, and ate it 3 times as leftovers. I made mac n cheese for the kids, and called a steak restaurant to see how busy they were. Of course it was packed, but they said if we came around 8 they would be able to seat us then. We got there about 8:15, and waited 10 minutes (not too bad). Dinner was fabulous, except since we were eating late, they had run out of mashed potatoes. I think our only mistake of the evening was leaving the kids home alone for that hour and a half. We came home to:

- Purple food coloring (from Abbey's ongoing science project) all over the counters and floor
- Black aerosol hair color sprayed all over the bathroom counter
- Crackers shoved into holes in the TV where buttons USED to be, and a non-functioning television
- 2 packages of sliced cheese torn into pieces and spread across the floor
- And numerous other food items scattered throughout the house

It could have been worse: nobody got hurt! I guess that's what I get for trying to have a romantic evening with my husband, but not planning ahead.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jury Duty

Yesterday I got chosen for jury duty. Supposed to last only 3 days, but it's kicking my booty.