Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mother Of......

Would you be okay with your husband introducing you as "The mother of the puppy killer" ?

Let me explain.

A lady in town breeds dogs, and was bringing them to our store 2 or 3 at a time so people could see and possibly buy them.
Brook LOVES animals, but isn't soft with them. She's actually kind of rough. One night she was holding one of the dogs, and Jay told her to put the dog away so they could go home. Nobody saw what happened next, but she must have "thrown" the dog instead of setting in the cage nicely. It started having seizures and went completely limp. The dog had to be put down. It was very sad, and I know Brook felt bad because she was in love with that dog.

The lady who breeds the dogs took the news well when we told her what had happened, and of course we paid for the dog. This lady came to get dog food today, and Jay introduced me to her as "the mother of the puppy killer."

So tactful. In fact tact should be his middle name.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mesa Day 03/08/10

There's always a contraption at my parents house, whether it's the Grandpa Train, or the upside-down bicycle. This time it was this giant see-saw or teeter-totter or whatever you want to call it. Apparantly it's already drawn blood, so user beware. Rachel's sadies date was on it with other people and ended up with 8 stitches the night before the dance. The only time I got scared was when Jason got on the other side and almost made me flip over the top.

We went to Mesa for the Martindale party at Organ Stop Pizza. It was so crowded and people kept trying to steal our reserved seating, but we had a good time anyway. My kids were mesmerized by the organ music and the lights. It was fun to see many of my cousins I hadn't seen in years! And their kids I had never seen.

Pond Build

Last Friday and Saturday two guys from Anjon Manufacturing flew in from Missouri to help us install a pond/waterfall here at the store. It's not quite finished, but they got the major work done. It's going to look nice with the rock and plants around it to finish it off.

Brook's Teeth

Yesterday Brook fell down the stairs at the office. They're wooden stairs, no padding. She hit her teeth, but there was no blood, so I thought it was a minor bump. Her two top front teeth were loose last night, and I figured they'd tighten up overnight. She woke up still in pain this morning, and she can't smile right because her right side is swollen. Her right front tooth got pushed back and now doesn't line up with the left tooth. She's having a hard time eating and talking. It's not noticeable unless you know where her teeth used to be. The other kids keep asking why she's talking funny.

First Swim 2010

Without my knowledge, Jay heated the pool last week. It was a comfortable 86 degrees. I didn't get in because I didn't shave my legs, but the kids had fun.