Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bob's Lip

On Monday afternoon, Bob and Janna were playing keep away with a ball in their room. Somehow, Bob fell and hit above his lip on the edge of a chalkboard. He was extremely apprehensive about getting stitches again. He was thrilled when the doctor looked at it and told him glue would be enough. He was not fun in the waiting room for 2 hours, but glad it's over.

Josh's Farewell

Our nephew Josh spoke on Sunday in his ward in Eagar. We went to visit, and enjoyed their meetings. He leaves next week for his mission in Mexico City, South. We stopped on the way home to let the kids out of their cages, I mean the car. James loved the water.

Bob's Wrist

My friend Bob thought it would be fun to run with a glass in his hand, until he fell, it broke and cut his wrist, and he had to get stitches. Maybe, just maybe he won't do that again. This happened Saturday night, and luckily it only took an hour at the ER to get him taken care of.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Own Fire

Today marks 2 years since Jay lit himself on fire. Crazy it's been that long, and crazy that you can hardly see most of his scars anymore. His tiger stripes have almost disappeared. Other than a few lighter and darker spots on his skin, you'd hardly know he looked like this 2 years ago. So glad it wasn't worse, beacuse we know it could have been.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Father's Day

I read Shauna's post about their wonderful Father's Day, and it reminded me of how great ours was too. We have 9 am church, so breakfast was quick, but good. I cookoed way too much food, and was excited to have the leftovers for the next day. Anyway, at church, they handed out big hunks to all the men. Jay was gnawing on his, and broke a back molar in half. It was a tooth he'd had a prior root canal on. Not fun. Then, Jay fed James green beans during Sunday School, after which James lost his lunch- everywhere. One lady was a little disgusted with the mess, but 2 others jumped up and cleaned up the mess while Jay took James to the restroom to finish throwing up and to clean them both off. Jay came to get me in primary so I could take them home. I got someone to fill in with the part of sharing time I was helping with, and drove them to the house. Later in the day, James threw up on me. We spent the day cleaning up messes, including when Janna accidentally dumped out all the leftover breakfast when she was trying to get something out of the fridge. Bummer!


So, I think James is my earliest walker. He's 10 1/2 months, and has been walking for about the last 2 weeks. It's fun to see him get so excited that he can get from point A to point B. He's still having major ear problems that keep him up most nights. The last 2 nights he's woken up with scratches in and around his ear from where he grabs at it. I need to cut his fingernails.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So Trusting

A week ago Sunday we had a huge monsoon storm and the kids were having a blast watching the rain and the wind and the hail. Jay told them they'd better get their swimsuits on because pretty soon we'd all be swimming in the yard. The happily obliged, then waited for the flood. Not long after that, Jay told them they'd better get their 72-Hour Kits ready in case the power went out and the streets flooded. They again obeyed. They ran upstairs and brought down the large Rubbermaid container full of emergency supplies, and proceeded to play with the flashlights the rest of the evening- even though it wasn't dark yet. We decided to go for a drive to see how much water we had received, during which I was thrown up on by James. We came home for a shower, and enjoyed the duration of the storm. I think the kids were bummed they didn't really get to use their emergency supplies and swimsuits.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10-Year Reunion

This isn't a flattering picture, but Karen wanted to see what I looked like at my 10-Year Reunion. This was on June 7, with friends Sarah, Farrah and Becky. I mostly had fun people watching, and seeing old friends. At the time, I was letting it be known that for once, I wasn't the pregnant one. Well, apparently, I was and just didn't know it yet.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mackey Reunion 2008

A few pictures from the Mackey Reunion at Clear Creek Family Ranch in Utah near Zion National Park. We had a great time. The kids enjoyed canoeing, hair braiding (I had to force that one), playing volleyball, playing with cousins, watching the talent shows, having dance class, craft class, etc. I'm pretty sure they'd do the drive over again if it meant going back. They didn't want to leave. I got to spend lots of time playing volleyball, which I love, and celebrated my 28th birthday with a large crowd.

James + Brook = TROUBLE!

Brook took a turn vacuuming this morning, and James is infatuated with the vacuum. He went to grab it, and she ran over his foot. I felt so bad for him. He cried forever!