Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suzee's 3rd Birthday

Glow-in-the-dark nail polish. She had been asking for months.

Then Brook drizzled the white polish all over the tile under the table. It took her a LONG time to scrub it off.

Loves making funny faces

Abbey knocked the black polish on the floor and we got that one cleaned up quick. Glass everywhere.

Her other present she begged for.

Her cake that she destroyed before we had even checked out.

More bounce house

Babies loving time outside in the amazing weather

Valentine's Day

Cindy and Sean made tons of heart-shaped sugar cookies to decorate

The kids had a lot of fun and ate tons of frosting.

Suzee's. She only ate the frosting.

A U. S. Flag by Emma

And an Arizona flag by Abbey to celebrate Arizona's 100th Birthday

And look at all those cute cards Rachel made!

Child Labor

Lilly's Party

Some kite flying

And some baby holding


Lots of friends and cousins

Babies were exhausted

Making "grass skirts" for the luau themed party

Balloons in the bounce house

Suzee's cheese

No idea what they're looking for in the grass

Janna's foot wrapped with hot pink duct tape to hold baking soda on her bee sting


After their last game of the season! Huge amount of progress for these 3.

Family Pictures

My prints got here!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


A few weeks ago, on January 29, on a Sunday afternoon, I was helping the kids make treats. I was thinking that it was getting close to when Shauna wanted to get pregnant, so I walked over to my phone to text her to ask if she was pregnant yet. When I picked up the phone, it showed she had just sent me a message saying she was pregnant!!! Due October 3rd.
4 days later, she sent me a message that said "I dreamed ur pregnant."
Little did she know I was already suspecting I could be.
On February 6, I finally took a test, and even though I half expected it, I was shocked when it was positive. Due October 8. No birthdays in October yet.

Friday, February 10, 2012

At least the flat tire waited until after the concert. We walked to Fiesta mall from our hotel and got an air compressor, filled the tire, then drove to a Discount Tire where they found the nail and fixed it for FREE!

After a surprise day of pampering (massage, hair cut & style, and pedicure) we went to the George Strait/Martina McBride concert. We sat on the 12th row, and it was amazing. We were kind of in a party section, and we're not exactly partiers. We stood up a lot so we could see. The pictures are horrible because of lighting, movement, taken on my phone, etc. But who cares?

Jay's Leg

Jay wrecked on his dirt bike almost 2 weeks ago. This is what it looks like now.


We live in a small house. I wonder why I even bother cleaning the floors sometimes, because with so many people walking the same path all day long, they're bound to be dirty within an hour of cleaning. And yesterday? Yesterday was a doosy. I guess that's how you spell doosy. I made pancakes for breakfast, and between Brook and me, a plate shattered on the floor. I rushed to sweep and vacuum the millions of glass pieces all over the floor so the kids could proceed with their school-prep routine. There's no way to avoid the path of destruction in a small house. The day was fairly mellow with only a few messes including a pen that leaked black ink all over my fingers while I was trying to sort out birthday money, Christmas money, and tithing for the kids, a 2-year-old with poop running down her legs, and John throwing up down my side. It was almost dinner at that point, which means almost bedtime, which means no more going out in public. So I didn't change my dirty clothes. Lilly and I decided on Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. Suzee tried to join in the food preparing fun by climbing on the counter. Another terrible noise- a shattered bowl. This time, it landed a foot away from a sleeping John in his car seat, and pieces landed on and around him inside his seat. As well as on the piano, under both couches, under the table, on the kitchen floor, and around the baby play area. Dinner was put on hold because Jay was feeding a baby, the older girls (who usually help with dinner) were at basketball practice, and I got to sweep and vacuum again. Before I made it to bed, I spied more glass shards. Darn them. I laid in bed with Joseph, and asked him a very serious question, then he threw up all over the front of me. This time I had to change. It soaked through everything. I had thought the throwing up had slowed down, but today proved me wrong. Yesterday was a doosy. For real. I'm glad it's not like that every day.
But times like these make it all worth it.