Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Abbey!

Now it's Abbey's turn to shine. I went to parent teacher conferences last week (conveniently they schedule parents with multiple students all right in a row so you don't have to keep going back). Anyway, when I met with Abbey's teacher, he said "I'm sure you already know Abbey's a great student, and the office said they already had you sign paperwork for the gifted program." I was confused. No paperwork signed by me. He explained that she had scored very high on 2 tests they use to determine qualification for the school's "Gifted" program, and they would like her to participate. I told him, and later the teacher in charge of the program, that we'll try it for now, and see how she likes it. If it's not something she likes, she'll go back to her regular studies. I'm not sure what the program includes, other that different types of learning activities that vary from the normal classroom setting. We'll see how things go. Only 4 3rd graders qualified, and Abbey is excited to try it out.


No, it's not Halloween yet, but Abbey and Emma were in a pirate play at school. They both had small speaking parts and did well. It was the entire 3rd grade, but only lasted about 40 minutes, which was great! They have a 2nd performance on Halloween during school.

Monday, October 20, 2008

James and Bob

This is one of James' favorite places to play. He empites the cupboard, and plays inside with all the tupperware bowls and lids.

Bob thought he was an adult for a minute, and tried to glue his dart gun back together with a hot glue gun. He ended up burning himself. Lovely.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pictures 3

Jay and Dad at a Nursery in the Oakland area. Jay had to check out some other garden centers before we left.
Us at a beach in Alameda with San Francisco in the background
Us riding BART into San Francisco
The boys playing games at Shauna and Justin's house

Pictures 2

Us in San Francisco
Us in front of the Ghiradelli Chocolate Store
Dad and Patty- Elder and Hermana Curtis- at Ghiradelli
Us in front of the Oakland Temple- it was windy


Jay with the rented Mustang- Lake Tahoe in the background
Us at the Oakland Visitor's Center
Us at dinner in San Francisco
Us in San Francisco- Just got off BART (public transportation)

Sonogram Results


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shauna's House

These are from Shauna's house from top to bottom:
Jocey (Chad and Cherisse's)
Owen (Shauna and Justin's)
Me and Jay with Owen
Drew (Shauna and Justin's)
Sally (Shauna and Justin's)