Friday, January 20, 2012

Catch Up

From December 12 until now in pictures, and a few words. In no particular order because I don't have time to put everything in chronological order... WARNING! There are a few gory-ish pictures of recent mishaps and injuries. James with Santa at our ward party

Joseph (on left) and John with Santa

Brook with Santa

Lilly with Santa

Our tree, which has evolved into a tree full of homemade ornaments rather than the matching set I used to own.

Janna and I made gingerbread men and gingerbread houses to decorate for Brook's birthday.

Janna's domino Christmas tree

The boys and Jay sitting by the fire on Christmas

A note I found on the counter that Bob printed from one of the iPod Touches we got for Christmas. LOVE it.

Minor electrical fire under the front porch at Sean and Cindy's house the day after Christmas when we all got together to do the Nativity. Jay smelled like a nasty electrical fire for a long time.

It snowed! A few days before Christmas. Nothing stuck, but the kids loved it anyway.

Jospeh's first motorcycle ride- on a very small motorcycle that Bob got to replace the one that was stolen before Thanksgiving.

Brook tried to warm her buns next to a heater after she got out of the shower. She got a little too close!

Sam (nephew, Sean and Cindy's) wrecked on a bike and had to get stitches. He was okay with the injury until he found out he had to go to the doctor.


Bob watched the girls with their crochet projects, and taught himself how to do it. His yarn got tangled, so we wrapped it around some cardboard, and I laughed when I saw him sitting here holding it with his feet.

Lilly got her cast off. Love when both of the babies sleep at the same time. Problem is, I couldn't get anything done because they wake up if I move them.

We took an overnight trip to Mesa since we didn't get away during the Christmas break. We got pizza, ate and played at the park, swam at the hotel, went to Bass Pro Shop, and visited my family.

The fish tank at Bass Pro Shop


Brook wrecked on a bike too big for her, and the handle bars jammed into her stomach. It's been 5 days and it's still swollen and sore.

Sam got bounced off a horse, and injured his spleen. He was flown to Tucson. We met them at the helicopter pad to see him off. He stayed 3 nights in the hospital, and is home recovering- will be a LONG recovery for him.

Some of the cousins lined up to watch the helicopter take off. Abbey had a wart, so Jay froze it off and it made a huge blister.

We graduated from the lay down bouncers to the saucer! (Yesterday)

This morning in the bath. Joseph on top.

I caught James and Suzee in a big mud puddle out back. It was cold that day, and I made them wait there (not like they cared) so I could get the camera.

Brook's 6th birthday

Emma snuck around the front of the building to get a picture of Bob finding his motorcycle.

Our nativity production with the Curtis family. Same night the front porch tried to burn down.

Love babies with sunglasses.

Another shot of Sam before they took off. He even waved to Patty.