Monday, December 12, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lilly's Hand

I feel really bad. Last night I was busy getting kids ready and cleaning up so we could go to pack meeting at 6:30. Jay was going to stay home with the babies so they wouldn't be out in the cold, and I was taking the 8 older kids. They were having a talent show at pack meeting, so all 5 taking piano lessons had a song prepared to perform. Just before 6:00, Emma came down the stairs and told me James almost broke Lilly's hand because he pushed Lilly off Emma's back, and she landed on her hand. Lilly said she wasn't going to play the piano because her hand hurt. I never looked at it, and we rushed to get out the door by 6:15. When we got to pack meeting, we had to get out another row of chairs because they didn't have enough set up. I noticed Lilly didn't pick up a chair and just sat on the floor. I sighed, and got a chair for her. When she sat in the chair she started crying, and said her hand was hurting. I pulled up the sweater sleeve she had pulled over it so I could see if it was bruised or anything. I think I gasped, loudly. And I know my eyes got big. I couldn't believe how swollen it was, and she couldn't move her thumb and pointer finger. She also had less feeling in those 2 fingers because of the swelling. I speed-walked out to the foyer and called Jay. He thought I was overreacting, but reminded me our doctor's office was open until 8. I called the doctor's office and asked if we could come in. She told me to come as soon as we could since they close at 8, or else I could go straight to the ER since they would have to send us there for x-rays anyway. I thought the ER was a little over the top, so I told her we would get there as soon as we could. I told all the girls they wouldn't be able to participate in the talent show (I'm sure they were crushed), and that we'd have to do a program with the family later to fulfill a requirement for the medallion they work towards. I told Bob to go first as soon as they called his age group so we could leave right after that. He flat out refused, so several people went up, and he still wouldn't go up. I decided we shouldn't wait any longer. Several people could have brought him home later, but he would not go up there anyway. We headed to the doctor's office, and once again the TV in the car saved me. The other 7 kids stayed in the car with minimal disagreement between them while I took Lilly in. The doc on call was kind of rough with her and I felt bad. He sent us to the hospital for x-rays. It took a while at both places. By the time x-rays were done it was about 8:30. The doctor came over to the hospital to read the x-rays. I looked at them with him and was able to see where her hand had an obvious fracture. I didn't know, however, that it was on a growth plate. He was able to round up some supplies there at the hospital to make a splint for her hand. We called the orthopaedic doctor and scheduled an appointment for Monday. He'll review the x-rays and decide if anything can or needs to be done to line up the bones. Hopefully the swelling will have gone down enough by then, and he will be able to put a cast on. Lilly was very concerned about the fact that we're having family pictures this next week. I told her she could just hide her arm. She said she'll get a cast to match the colors we're wearing. So thoughtful.

The bone going to the thumb is broken just above where the arrow is.

She was not happy that I put a wash cloth around the arm strap so it wouldn't rub on her neck.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 Months Old!

Babies turned 3 months old on November 30th!

Bob's 9th Birthday

Shooting at targets and balloons with an air soft gun

He asked for Xploders- little beads that swell when you soak them in water, then explode when you shoot them.

Birthday morning (James wrapped the box)

First day he got to use the gun after counting down the minutes for the battery to charge- it took 5 hours.

Sam, Bob and Jacob- their reaction to me telling them to hug for the picture

Brook in the bounce house


Sam going through the tires as part of the obstacle course

Jacob shooting at the balloons

Martindale Thanksgiving

Jay, Abbey, Emma, and Janna were in New York for Thanksgiving, and they were the only ones not there with us at my parents house this year.

Real life Angry Birds. My dad set up a sling shot/catapault that the kids (and some of the adults) used to shoot pinecones, balls, or whatever they could find at the boxes stacked up. Lilly did lots of climbing

Rachel holding Ellis

Lilly again

James ate his candy turkey before I could get a picture Gwen and Brook
Suzee and Lilly the day after Thanksgiving at Jump Street
Jared watching the guys play "pong" using warm seltzer water, Clamato, and prune juice.

Brent and Justin enjoying Angry Birds

Loren holding Ellis, and Shauna

Brook with her turkey

Suzee with hers

And Lilly with her turkey

And at the end of Thanksgiving night, a random fire with flames burning behind the ice box in the freezer.

Janna's Soccer Party

Janna's end of the regular season soccer party was fun for the girls. Their coach brought pizza and made a cake, and they played on the playground and the bounce house.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York 2011 Part 1

Central Park

Janna's shoes. So interesting what you get when you give the camera to the kids.

Central Park

Abbey, Janna, Emma

Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey



The Freedom Tower, from a distance

Abbey, Emma