Friday, April 30, 2010

Could it be a Sign?

The morning of Abbey and Emma's 10th birthday, I was cracking eggs, and out popped twin eggs. Even though I threw up because of this, I thought it was cool to happen on their birthday- or maybe it's a sign of something else.


I cannot believe Abbey and Emma are 10. That seems old, which means I'm getting old. Time really does fly. The Friday before their birthday we had my parents and Cole in town to go to the Temple open house. The Temple is beautiful. Saturday my parents took my 6 oldest to the school "Spring Fling" carnival type activity. They left early to go home and get Rachel off to prom. That afternoon the girls had a friend party. I was worried about swimming because it had been windy, but the afternoon really warmed up. 10 of their friends came, and they were so happy, because last year didn't turn out as well. Cindy took my youger kids minus Suzee out to Amy's house, and it was nice to not have to worry about them. Bob hung around and was the only boy at the party. I think he liked it.
We swamand bowledand played Twisterand opened presentsthen Cyann asked is she could sing the girls a song, and she didthen had fruit pizza and swam some more.


Saturday, April 17 Jay called me in the morning to tell me that as some of the guys were coming in to work from Pima, they saw that a train had derailed in Central in front of the Temple. I had to see this. We drove by and I had my camerawoman take some action shots as I paid attention to the road.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Did I Really Think

I was going to be able to slow down? Abbey and Emma turn 10 today! and it's Bob's first baseball game. To say he's excited would be an understatement.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just a few quick things I wanted to write down before I get on with my busy little life.

Tuesday morning I went to the dollar store for table cloths for my ward party, which is tonight. I saw some cute butterfly nets and thought the kids would love chasing butterflies with them. I imagined going out with my camera to take amazing colorful pictures of them frolicking through the meadow with their winged friends- or something. After school they grabbed up the nets and headed outside. Such fun. Until I heard screaming. I ran outside to find Janna screaming and hitting her head. She had bees in her hair (luckily we had straightened it that morning or it might have been a curly tangly mess). I pulled two bees from her hair, then pulled out the stingers from her scalp. Bob was stung once on his arm also. I asked them why they were chasing bees when these were butterfly nets. They showed me the tag on the nets, which show pictures of butterflies AND bees. Really? "The picture says they're for bees too, mom" stated Bob. I guess I can't blame them completely for stirring up a beehive. Janna was in pain the rest of the night, and now Janna and Bob are very itchy. That night (Tuesday) we were going to drive to Willcox to meet Shauna and kids on their way to Texas. I was a little worried about Janna having an allergic reaction to the bee stings, but I watched her for about an hour and gave her Motrin and Benadryl. She slept the whole drive (about 45 minutes) to Willcox, and was lethargic until the medicine wore off. We got to McDonalds where the kids were dying to play on the playground, and I got in line to order, behind 2 bus loads of high school track kids who had just finished a meet. One coach is in our stake young women's, and I talked with her while waiting. She told me she and her husband had lived in San Angelo (where Shauna and Justin are living) for the 5 month training as well. Her husband is Air Force and had done the language program like Justin is. She said they liked the area, and housing was very affordably priced. Anyway, the kids had a blast. They were allowed 2 privileges they never get: Happy Meals and playing on the playground. I felt bad that we had to wait so long for our food because that put Shauna driving on to El Paso late.

Tonight- Ward Party
Tomorrow- TEMPLE!
Saturday- Abbey and Emma birthday party

So much fun!

Oh- and last night there was a massacre at our nursery. Two very large dogs have been killing our chickens- usually a few at a time. Jay got to work this morning and found 58 dead chickens. That's a lot of chickens. I called animal control and they came to set traps, and gave us permission to shoot the dogs if necessary. These dogs are brutal.

That's all for now

Friday, April 16, 2010

Animals Galore!

So, just for fun we added a goat named Georgia and some koi fish in the pond to our collection of animals. Can you collect animals? Anyway, we now have:

2 cows
1 pig
1 goat
2 cats (one of whom is pregnant)
1 horse
? fish
19 ducks
60-80 chickens

It's getting busy around here. I'll post a picture of Georgia later. She's actually kind of cute.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I've Been Here Before

5 Signs You're Almost 30 and Pregnant with Your 9th Child
(without taking a pregnancy test)

1- Gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks
2- Extreme fatigue
3- Nausea
4- Stomach muscle pains every time you sneeze or bend over

Baby #9 due Dec. 10

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Aunt Cindy was brave and hosted a cousins sleepover at the office- upstairs. Brave. We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner, Cindy painted all the girls firgernails, then popcorn and 2 movies. I think the kids loved it enough to do again. I got a text from Cindy at 11:38 pm (I was home, fast asleep) saying that Brook had just showed up. This means she unlocked the doors at our house, and walked over to the nursery by herself. Cindy had a hard time sleeping after that- thinking Brook might wander off again.

Jared Jacob
Jay, Jr.
Camping out watching the movies
I think she ended up with 15 who stayed the night, plus the rest of us who were in and out with babies. Cindy is brave.

Piano Time

I snuck out to my car very quietly to get my camera so I could get a picture before they moved.


I let Suzee self-feed her yogurt the other day. What a mess.