Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Progress

These are not the finished product, obviously. When you have to go back to work, the progress slows, but we're still pushing forward. I got the final coats of paint on last night, other than touch ups around the edges, and Jay measured and cut tile for the edges. Still left to do: way too many things to list. I'll be happy to have a couch and table again.

Monday, December 29, 2008


It's not much, but the day after Christmas it started snowing. On Saturday, this is what we woke up to. I should probably stop telling my kids it doesn't snow in Safford. It does- rarely.

Demo Day

On Christmas Eve Jay asked if I wanted to know what my present was. I said no because I like surprises, and wanted to wait until Christmas. He told me I might want to know early so I could make plans. My gift had a time limit of 3 days. WHAT? He told me we were tearing out the 25+ year old carpet and putting in new flooring. HOORAY! Decisions. I had to decide what all to do in the next 3 days while he wasn't working. We started Christmas Day and tore out the carpet, along with the wall and floor tile that used to house the wood burning stove. That included taking out a section of sheetrock. I requested the "popcorn" ceiling be destroyed since wwe were already making a mess. It took a long time, and made a huge mess, but I'm SO glad it's done. Then to choose paint and flooring. We chose hard wood, until Home Depot couldn't get their price strait, then switched to a beautiful tile. I chose the paint color and will take full responsibility for my "bagel" colored walls. It's yellow-ish. We got the majority of the painting done Saturday afternoon, and installed the tile that night after the kids were in bed. It took until 3 am. We still have to do the edges that needed cut, and grout everything. I have to finish the paint touch-ups. It already looks a million times better. I'm happy to have the carpet gone. It was time.

Christmas PJ's

We all got new PJ's from Papa and Patty for Christmas. We opened then Christmas Eve so the kids could wear them to bed that night.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Bob went from this
to this in a matter of hours on Sunday evening. He lost his dinner a few times, but feels much better, especially since his 4-wheeler is now in working order.


With Jay's family
With my family

We did two nativities over the weekend. One with my family in Mesa, and one with Jay's family at Dustin and Amy's house. I didn't get very good pictures of either, but we enjoyed them both. Lilly didn't feel well, and didn't participate in either. Brook and James choose to watch, but the rest had fun dressing up and acting out the scenes.

Hair Cuts

Janna holding Gwen
Karen cutting Abbey
Me holding Gwen, Bob
Lilly before
Lilly after
Karen did a marathon hair cut session on Saturday before our Lunt Family Christmas Party. She cut: Shauna, me , Abbey, Emma, Janna, Lilly, Brook, Owen, Drew and Cole. It took almost 5 hours.

Play Week

Lilly, Tucker and Janna running up the hill at the high school.Bob "helping" James go down the hill.
The best picture I got of Bob with his Santa hat.
Janna in her poodle skirt.

Last week the kids all had Christmas musical performances. Bob's goupr wore green and red with Santa or elf hats, Janna's group was the 50's, and Abbey and Emma were going green, complete with Santa changing from a red suit to a green suit. It was entertaining for me, but not for Brook and James. Ariel took them outside to the playground after a while.

Cast No More!

Friday I took a picture of Lilly with the cousin of our cousins, Hunter. They are about 5 months apart in age, and he has a cast on the same leg, and was getting it off today as well. Lilly's cast is gone. I asked her if she was going to miss it. Silly question.

Train Ride

Emma and James
Janna and Brook

For my niece Ashley's birthday the kids rode on a horse "train ride" pulled by a lawn mower. I think James and Brook liked it the most. They rode several times. Once again- no pictures of Bob.

Brook's Birthday

Brook turned 3 on Saturday. We were in Mesa with my family that day, and celebrated with Jay's family on Sunday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

James Got Ear Tubes

I went to Tucson very early this morning, and James got his ear tubes put in. Glad it's over. Hope it helps. Did a little Christmas shopping at the mall, and made it home in time to pick the kids up from school.
He loved playing with the toys in the waiting room at 6:30 in the morning.
He hated the gown he was supposed to wear.
He pulled at it even before I got it tied.
He finally got it off and threw it in the box with his pajamas.
And was much happier when he was naked. He would have nothing to do with the hat either.

We've Been Baking!

We made two different kinds of peppermint swirl cookies. I haven't chosen a favorite yet. The older kids actually HELPED rather than hindered during most of the process.


We got our lighted/LED sign up last week, and I finally took pictures of it. It looks nice, and Jay loves that we can see it from our house. It flashes different messages, pictures and advertisements throughout the day.