Thursday, July 26, 2012

update 20- modest is hottest fashion show 07/25/12

Fancy Hair-Do's- Katelynn






Katelynn and Lilly on the catwalk.




2nd half of the group.






A HUGE thank you to Jodi and The Wear  for letting the girls borrow clothes for their fashion show.  It was lots of fun, and they looked great.

update 19- randoms

Brook couldn't wait for me to get out of the bathroom to tattle, so she passed a note under the door.

Another diaper cake we made for a friend.

Janna wanted the world to know she did my hair and makeup this day.

Boys will be boys.

Lilly almost made it to the top, and they all fell down.

Another tower.

My room is just about finished.  We got dressers.

update 18- pioneer day celebration 07/21/12

Abbey and Emma in our Safford 1st Ward float for the parade.

Hanging out waiting for the pageant to start.

Watching the pioneer pageant- it was awesome!

Watching the parade.

Girls in the parade.


At the Pioneer Day celebration last year, I was on my side laying on the grass because I was having too many contractions too early.  5 days later I was flown to Mesa.

update 17- frye mesa 07/21/12

Somehow John woke up with duct tape on his forehead.  He slept part of the night in the girls room where they had been making duct tape purses.  He must have found a scrap on the floor.

We took a beautiful drive up to Frye Mesa.  We hiked and/or rowed over to some waterfalls and rock slides.  Apparently they aren't what they used to be, but the kids had fun.

Wish we had video of our trip back across the pond.  I had the babies and Suzee in a 2-person inflatable boat with me trying to row, while Bob, Janna, Emma and Abbey swam next to us and pulled us along.  It was pouring rain, we were all soaked, and John was not happy.  He screamed the whole way across.

update 16- "campout" 07/17/12

Since we never camped out at the mountain, we camped at the playground.  We grilled dinner, cooked s'mores, then the kids made "tents" to sleep in.  Some of them just slept under the stars.

A row of benches with a tarp over them for a tent.

Sleeping under the stars.

These two like to be touching.

update 15- soldier creek, ice caves, mt. graham 07/14/12

The girls made a latreen.