Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Messy Girl


All 3 girls made their own posters, and I helped with speeches.

Here's Janna's:

My names is Janna

And I'm here to say

I want to win

Your vote today.

J is for juliblant

Which is what I'll be

If you take the time

To vote for me.

A is for Awesome

We'll have a great time

I'll keep you informed

If your vote is mine.

N is for nice

Which is what I am

I'll share your ideas

To help make a plan.

N is for neat

I keep things straight

Vote for me

And this year will be great.

A is for amazing

For this school year

Just give me your vote

It all starts here.

Graham County Fair 2011

We set up some painting stations for kids to try to paint the Dunn-Edwards logo. Janna did a sample.

Josh and Kelly own Lucky Dog Animal Boarding right next to our store. They both work with us also.

I took no pictures of the kids on rides. I was babysitting. So, here's a few pictures of our booth.

Bob's Tooth

Bob's teeth collided with Janna's knee and chipped a top tooth, and broke this bottom (permanent) one. It slants from the back to the front. He got a temporary filling put on until the rest of his permanent teeth grow in. Then he'll get a cap put on.

School Pictures 2011

Brook- Kindergarten
Lilly- 2nd Grade
Bob- 3rd Grade

Janna- 5th Grade

Emma- 6th Grade

Abbey- 6th Grade

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Update

My life is crazy right now. If it's not one thing it's another.
-Kids started piano lessons again (5 of them!)
-Laundry is out of control. I have to wash my sheets on a regular basis due to frequent throwing up courtesy of babies.
-The fair was a success. I went, but didn't help much. I paired the kids with a younger buddy and sent them on their way.
-Abbey won for student body vice-president, and Emma and Janna won for class representative. They are all excited about student council this year.
-Soccer is fun. Just Janna and Lilly played this year, and Janna's team is undefeated.
-Lilly dropped a wooden chair on her foot, then hours later was "pushed" down the stairs and face planted on the tile floor. She bruised her nose and forehead.
-Suzee makes constant messes. So not fun. Especially when they're sticky or poopy messes.
-James is going to work sometimes now. Still doesn't love it like Bob always has.
-Brook took her own cast off. But then asked if she could put it back on. I had to hide it so she wouldn't keep wearing it and using it as a weapon.
-Joseph and John are 6 weeks old!!!!!!! Time flies when you have no time to sit still.
-Jay is recovering from his nerve relocation surgery. Had a little post-op mishap when some of the stiches fell out and he had to go to Mesa to get the incision cleaned and re-stitched. Might be an ugly scar. He spent 2 days in Reno for a trade show, then 2 days doing a booth at the fair. I'm so glad he's home from Reno, and we're back to a regular schedule.