Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Update

-Thursday I went in for my weekly appointment and my doctor admitted me to the hospital because I had dilated to almost 4 cm. Last check I was 2 cm.
-Doc. checked me later that evening and said we were losing the battle, and he called for a helicopter to get me to a hospital in Mesa with a NICU.
-Got put on magnesium and flew to Mesa (very uncomfortable flight) and have been here since.
-Hit 32 weeks yesterday, and have slowly been taken off the magnesium.
-Got another round of steroids shots for babies lungs.
-Had a sonogram that estimated babies to weigh 4 lbs 4 oz and 4 lbs 1 oz.
-Baby A is still head down, and B is still breech.
-Jay drove here yesterday with kids and Cindy and Sean's family. They finished up school shopping and had fun swimming at the hotel.
-They brought me all kinds of lotions and potions, and some clothes for the babies.
-Kim brought me a cherry limeade, Derek brought me gum (I had bad breath), Candace painted my toe nails, Chelsey brought me stuff to take a real shower then braided my hair, Derek brought me a taste of his Maggiano's (sp?) lasagne. I am feeling very spoiled.
-Still not sure if they'll keep me here until I deliver, or if they'll let me go to my parents house. My history of fast labors makes everyone a little nervous.
-As much as I want to be home, I know this is a safer place to be.
-And I like visitors. Hint, hint.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Update

-As of last Thursday, babies were estimated at 3 lbs 9 oz and 3 lbs 10 oz
-I am 31 1/2 weeks, which is 3 days past when Abbey and Emma were born
-I am now officially bigger than I've been with any of my other pregnancies
-If I want to have the babies in Safford, I have to last another 4 1/2 weeks


This face Hayden is making reminds me of the Grinch.




24th Celebration

My mind still hasn't figured out that my body can't keep up. We attended the 24th of July festivities on Saturday. I thought I would be fine. Most of the kids rode on the float in the parade, but I didn't get any pictures because Jay and I watched from the van. We set up our camp chairs on the EAC football field and had an awesome BBQ beef dinner. I didn't even make it through dinner and had to lay down. I forgot to bring a blanket, but Jay's and my camp chairs came with small pillows. I put one under my head and one under my stomach, and spent the rest of the night laying in the grass.The weather was wonderful, which is a miracle. Traditionally it rains on every 24th of July celebration. We were very lightly sprinkled on as we walked into the stadium, but that was the end of it.

Suzee chewed on this pop top forever.

Ryan Innes did a small concert before the fireworks show, which was really nice.

Papa and Patty finished their duties serving food and sat with us to watch the fireworks. Suzee was so fun to listen to during the fireworks show. She would see one shooting up and yell "Color, color, color" until everyone around her guessed what color it was going to be. James covered his ears and asked me a thousand times if it was over yet.

Even though it was harder than I thought it would be, it felt good to get out in that awesome weather.

See You Later

We had a party for Jace (he reports to the MTC today) last week, and these are the only 2 decent pictures I got. Suzee eating Papa's homemade chocolate ice cream.

And Jonathan and Bob messing around. I don't get smiles out of Bob very often.

It was fun having family in town for the weekend, and I was glad to make it through Sacrament Meeting for the first time in over a month. His farewell and setting apart were very nice.


Janna's been baking. One girl at the office was going away to school,

and another had a birthday.

She asked them both their favorite color, then went to work. She did both cakes by herself.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swimming Again

Suzee has always loved the water, but both she and James are getting really brave.

Emma and Suzee

Abbey, James (with his black eye) and Brook

Suzee floating on her back. Love the puddle jumpers.

I got permission to swim, so we swam Friday morning and Saturday night. It was wonderful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


2 Accidents 5 days apart. Both involving the 4-wheeler with Bob driving. The first one got James a bloody nose. The second one was a swollen eye that James said looked like a marble. It has since turned into a black eye.

Suzee's Faces

Suzee thought James was getting too much camera time, so she started making faces so I would take pictures of her.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Update

Babies are 2 lbs 12 oz each, and for the first time they're both breech. Explains a lot about the pain I had Monday night.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday/4th of July


My mom and Aunt Sherri put all the baby clothes in the closet that used to not be a closet. It was an empty cupboard where the stove pipe used to go up to the roof. My dad built shelves and put some flooring in, and it's wonderful.

My parents came last week and got a BUNCH of items done on my "To Do" list:

-Re-hung a shelf that Suzee had pulled out of the wall.

-Re-hung cupboard doors downstairs that Bob had taken down because he likes using tools, but he couldn't figure out how to put them back up.

-Fixed drawers on 3 dressers that kids had "accidentally" broken.

-Built shelves and a closet rod for the babies.

-Boxed up winter stuff (I'm a little behind).

-Cleaned out the crib.

-Cooked and cleaned and got ready for a birthday celebration.

-Kept kids entertained.

-Got groceries.

-Stocked baby clothes and supplies on new shelves.

-Folded laundry.

-Got the golf cart un-stuck from a utility cable Janna backed into.

I feel like we're almost ready for babies now!


Karen gave Lilly

and Brook new haircuts. So cute.